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OnDaF test

TEK-up is the unique OnDaF test center in Tunisia. It gives the opportunity to students and individuals an official evaluation of their German language level through OnDaF test. The OnDaF will provide learners with rapid and precise feedback about their language level


The OnDaF test is a standardized online placement test for German language learner as a foreign language who would like to assess their language proficiency in order either to pursue their study or to apply for jobs in Germany. This test consists of eight short gap texts which are on different topics, in order to test the different levels from A1 to C1. In each text, there are 20 gaps which should be completed in 5 minutes, therefore the test will take a maximum 40 minutes.


The test dates are provided at the test center at TEK-UP University:

Date Time
23-11-2016 12:00
30-11-2016 12:00
05-12-2016 12:00
14-12-2016 12:00
21-12-2016 12:00
28-12-2016 12:00


Go to www.ondaf.de and click on "Teilnehmer-Login" (candidate login). Choose English on the right hand side, click on "Registration" and enter the required details. After having entered all the necessary details, confirm your registration. You will then receive an e-mail with your access data, i.e. your username and password. You can log in to the candidate portal with these data. Then you will be able to book a test, after you receive your TAN, a TAN is a transaction number, i.e. a five-digit number which you need to book a test date, from Ondaf test center, Tek-up.


The cost is provided by the OnDaf test center (Tunisia) which is 25 TND. After paying the fees, you will receive your TAN immediately. With this TAN you can book your preferred test date online at home or from any PC with Internet access.


You will receive the certificate immediately after the test with your test results and placement level.


Higher School of Technologies and Engineering
Language Department
OnDaF Test Center
Tel: + 216 29 905 860
Lot 6,Z.I Chotrana II,
2036 Ariana, Tunisia
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.